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Meeting Halfway is an ambitious project to which I have been proudly participating for years. This magazine was founded in order to create a virtual meeting place for young authors from all over Europe.

In this page you will find the link to my articles for Meeting Halfway and satisfy your curiosity about the culture of other countries of the European Union, while making new interesting discoveries…

And these articles are also available in several languages! Just click on their link!

Discovering Europe...


The ceremony of the Swan Upping has gone back to its original form…But do you know what it’s all about?


An irresistible dessert to add to your bucket list!


Early marriage is a widespread phenomenon throughout the world and it concerns both girls and boys...


Meeting Halfway has tackled, in its own way, the year 2020 and now thanks all its staff.


Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon which has existed since the dawn of time and has been considered sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, throughout history, depending on the customs and norms of each society.


Maybe it’s not one of the most famous carnivals for the tourists arriving from abroad, but it is the most ancient one in Italy – we are talking here about the historic Carnival in Ivrea.


Do you believe it is possible to peer into our present, into the European world, and to see its errors and defects … through the past of the USA?


The night of San Giovanni is connected with the summer solstice and in many countries represents a magical moment. Let's see how it is celebrated in Turin...


How is Christmas celebrated in the countries of the European Union? In this article you will find out many interesting things related to the Christmas traditions of the Italian regions.


In 2017 France approved the so called loi mannequin in order to fight anorexia in the fashion world. In this regard, do not miss the story of the brave former model Victoire Maçon Dauxerre.​


Some years ago Meeting Halfway started a popular series of articles entitled Cooking with Grandma that will be now collected in our new Meeting Halfway – Europe’s culinary traditions.


The exquisite fondue is a delicious dish, especially recommended for cheese lovers!


Let's explore the wonderful

Great Britain through its famous tv series.


Everything you need to know about Italian coffee: its varieties, the different ways to drink it from North to South Italy and its legendary story...


Italy is appreciated throughout the world because of the quality of its food and it being the native country of a series of simple but irresistible delicacies - among them we find obviously pasta!


The Fête des Vignerons is a very important event in Switzerland and is characterized by a peculiarity - it is celebrated a maximum of five times in a century. On this occasion it was possible to discover traditions and secrets of Switzerland...


This summer the film Papillon debuted in European cinemas. It was inspired by the dramatic story of Henri Charrière, whose autobiography shook the entire world.


And after the Christmas articles, let's focus on another important festivity: Eastern in the countries of the European Union.


Turin has always been a city rich in magic and mystery and Dario Argento chose it as location for several of his movies.

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